Andoran Campaign

Go-go goblin dogslicer

Game synopsis for 11/19/2011

  1. The party gets leave to go goblin hunting and heads out of Riverford.
  2. After a couple days of searching the party finds the goblins trail.
  3. They follow the goblin war party for several days and find that the group also includes goblin dogs.
  4. After having been spotted by the goblin war party, the party attacks only to find that they have walked right into the middle of the goblin war party.
  5. The party is victorious in killing all the goblins and goblin dogs.
  6. The party returns to Riverford for rest and mercantile exchange.
  7. The party then heads out for Almas to pick up their new mission.
  8. Once in Almas the party is told that they need to get to Wispil in the Verduran Forest of Taldor.
  9. When they get to Wispil, the party needs to find Falbin, a gnome herbalist, to get the rest of their mission.
  10. The party has a lengthy discussion about division of funds.
  11. Ariana now has what appears to be a pseudodragon familiar.



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