Andoran Campaign 4711 AR

Andoran is a relatively new country. It declared its independents from Cheliax in 4669. Andoran is unique in that it is Golarion’s only democratic nation. This allows for a lot of different options for the players as far as races and classes. To this point, the characters do not have to be native to Andoran. Andoran sees a lot of refuges, merchants, ex-slaves, oppressed colonists, etc. They are egalitarian, and look beyond what a person says to what that person does. That does not mean that there still are not old prejudices about, it just means that people try to give the benefit of the doubt.

Andoran as a region is not new nor are its people. They have lived under first Taldoran and then Cheliaxan rule. As a nation and a people, they have a very independent spirit. However, not so much so that they let it get in the way of knowing that they need to work together to protect what they have now. This is not to say that this is a country does not have its issues. Right now the country is in a building mode, establishing itself, so it is busy enough that it can ignore some issues.
The players come into the picture as future members of the Pathfinder Society. Whether the party stays together or stays in the Pathfinder Society is completely up to the players. The Pathfinder Society is a good way for the characters to start off with a resource to fall back on, to a certain degree anyway. Although not all are, the members of the Pathfinder Society of Andoran are of mostly Good alignment, I suggest the characters be the same. At first the characters will have a mentor of sorts called an Adventure Captain. This position, in Andoran, is more to help make sure the characters learn as much as they can as quickly as they can.

Andoran Campaign

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