Andoran Campaign

Let's get this party started

The cast of characters has been assembled now let’s see how they do…… Or so was the first adventure. A nice ambush by goblins who were not quite goblins after all.

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Get this party rollin'..
  1. Caravan north to Olfden.
  2. Mystery ranger/cleric
  3. Necromantic orb
  4. Zombie follows till Riverford
  5. At Riverford, Ranger/Cleric and orb leave group.
  6. Giant centipedes attack.
  7. Giant frogs attack.
  8. At Nart, goblins attack, follow into swampy area and giant frogs join in.
  9. Zombies attack.
  10. Lacedons attack.
  11. Party stops at Rivercross.
  12. Pseudodragons, roof top guards, are everywhere it seems.
Zombie, bandits, and dead mages (well mostly dead) oh my

1. Get to Olfden.
2. Stay at Tepid Transports
3. Find Pathfinder Lodge.
4. Meet with Adventure Captain there, Ixan Wonderwarden.
5. Gather info and supplies for the camping trip.
6. Take supplies to camp. (100 total) (10 per character).
7. Bandits attack on way to Palepox.
8. Trip to Arthfell Forest and Palepox Lumber Camp.
9. Found camp and what was left of lumberjacks.
10. Party decides head off to find Hemzel.
11. Party gets bitch slapped by zombies and plague wolves.
12. Party treats to lumber camp to lick wounds.
13. Party decides to track down the zombies.
14. Battle at Palepox Camp.
15. Stay the night and leave in the morning for Hemzel’s Hut.
16. ——End of Gaming Session——

Atomie Smashing
How do you get killed by a fey? Don't give the thief your arrows.

Game synopsis for 10/22/2011

  1. Battle at Hemzel’s Hut. The party arrives to find that Hemzel and his druidic animal companion were already dead by the hands of some dark fey and their new minions, half feys. Except that the half fey were apparently not permanent because upon their deaths, the half fey reverted back to wholly human. The party defeated the half fey and some dire rats only to have an atomie get away. The party searched the hut and found and translated the druid’s journal to learn that this lorestone could be used as a weapon against the dark fey.
  2. A group of gnomes, that had been mentioned by the Ixan, show up shortly after the party gets done searching the druid’s hut. The gnomes believe the party has killed the druid and his companion. The party convinces the gnomes that they did not kill the druid. The gnomes are so convinced that the party is actually here to help that they give them directions and a wand of cure light wounds to help the party on their way to the Druid Circle.
  3. On the way to the Druid Circle, an unearthly fog begins to rise. The ritual to destroy the lorestone has already begun on the island with the Druid Circle.
  4. The party, once they get past traps on the bridge to the island, enters into combat with two atomies and two enlarged spriggans. They defeat one of the atomie and the two spriggans. During the combat they manage to disrupt the ceremony enough that Cyflymder, a quickling, cannot complete the ritual correctly. By interrupting the ritual, the spells that were supposed to destroy the lorestone start to warp the planes and send the Circle to the nearest plane that is not the First World that has a connection to the area, Hell.
  5. The party defeats Cyflymder, after chasing him about the island with bags of flour spread everywhere, and the Circle settles back to the Prime Material plane. The party does find some nice treasure. The strangest things though are a wand of animate dead and part of a parchment with the symbol of the Whispering Way on it.
He who smelt it, dealt it.

Game synopsis for 11/05/2011

  1. The party wonders through the woods. Gets back on track and gets back to the lumber camp with the lorestone.
  2. The party finds the lumber camp empty and ransacked. They discover three toed footprints and nasty smell.
  3. The party tracks the prints to a partially ruined tower that does not seem to really belong where it is.
  4. The party explores the tower by climbing up to the second level. The staircase in the middle of the tower is ruined from the second floor down.
  5. The party discovers the source of the tracks and the smell in the tower, troglodytes.
  6. The party finds the lumberjacks and recues them after a battle with the troglodyte druid.
Mostly they come after dark, mostly.

Game synopsis for 11/19/2011

  1. The party and what are left of the lumberjacks set out for Olfden. On the way back to Olfden they join up with several other caravans taking lumber back to Olfden.
  2. Once the party gets to Olfden they report back to the Adventure Captain Ixan. Nothing seems to surprise him all that much about the details of what is going up to the point where the party shows him the part of a parchment with the symbol of a gagged skull on it, the symbol of the Whispering Way.
  3. The fact that the Whispering Way may have had something to do with or dealings with the dark fey seems to disturb Ixan the most. Are the two groups working together for some purpose? Did the dark fey just get the magic scrolls from them and nothing more than that? He suggests that this begs further investigation.
  4. The other thing of interest that the party brought back was a Wayfinder, a Tireless Wayfinder to be exact. This particular Wayfinder belong to an Adventure Captain, after confirming with divination, which had disappeared plane hopping some 500 years ago. Ixan would not say who it was but he left the Wayfinder in the party’s keeping. There were no ioun stones in it.
  5. The party is asked to head back to Almas for reassignment. They will find out there what and why. When grilled “Why them”, Ixan said that they needed a group that is not too well know and that has experience dealing with dark fey.
  6. The party takes on a bit of cargo to make some extra money. It is a shipment of darkwood seeds and liqueur bound for LaBrequec Shipping.
  7. The party has few encounters in their travels. They encounter two shadows on their way. Fighting shadows in the dark, not a good idea even if you have low light vision. A group of something had been hounding them for a little while and the party found out they were truly hounds of a sort, dire wolves and wolves.
  8. The party also gets pestered by goblins but no attacks. They discover not too far from Riverford that a group of goblins and maybe something(s) else attacked a farm house. The attacked killed all on the farm. On their way back the party discovers that this is not the first farm to have been ransacked.
  9. Once at Riverford, the party is asked to help with finding the goblin raiders and the receive leave to do so from the Finder Lodge in Almas.
Go-go goblin dogslicer

Game synopsis for 11/19/2011

  1. The party gets leave to go goblin hunting and heads out of Riverford.
  2. After a couple days of searching the party finds the goblins trail.
  3. They follow the goblin war party for several days and find that the group also includes goblin dogs.
  4. After having been spotted by the goblin war party, the party attacks only to find that they have walked right into the middle of the goblin war party.
  5. The party is victorious in killing all the goblins and goblin dogs.
  6. The party returns to Riverford for rest and mercantile exchange.
  7. The party then heads out for Almas to pick up their new mission.
  8. Once in Almas the party is told that they need to get to Wispil in the Verduran Forest of Taldor.
  9. When they get to Wispil, the party needs to find Falbin, a gnome herbalist, to get the rest of their mission.
  10. The party has a lengthy discussion about division of funds.
  11. Ariana now has what appears to be a pseudodragon familiar.
No Game 01/14/12

I know. I know. Hate me all you want but work has decided that our EDI software upgrade needs to be done on a weekend and guess what. :( Exactly. I tried to get it pushed back but no such luck. Thats what I get for being a grunt. The next game will be Saturday the 28th. As a “sorry about that” I will make chili.

We seem to have misplaced our halfling.

Game Synopsis 12/17/11

  1. The party decides to start its trip to Wispil by boat.
  2. The party signs on as security on the Sea Sorcerer for the trip to Cassomir.
  3. It takes 3 days sailing to get to Souston.
  4. The Sea Sorcerer spends two days docked in Souston.
  5. While in Souston, Veed is attacked by slavers. Xan and Ariana help fight off the slavers and turn them in for a reward.
  6. The ship set sail for Triela. The trip takes two days.
  7. On the way to Triela, a ship shadows the Sea Sorcerer. The ship that is shadowing the Sea Sorcerer is suddenly set aflame. It burns and sinks. Xan does a flyby but can see no survivors or any crew what so ever.
  8. The ship makes it to Triela but has to wait to get a dock. Triela is described as a very rough town.
  9. In Triela, Ariana and Rotrum go on a date.
  10. Morik, Veed, and Pretern go to one of the seediest bars at the docks. At the bar, Morik and Pretern start a fight. After leaving the bar, they discover that Veed is missing.
She's dead Jim

Game Synopsis 01/28/2012

  1. Xan informs the party that she thinks she knows where Veed went. She saw, what she believes to be a couple of half-orcs carrying a wiggling bag that had Halfling curses, coming out of the bar the guys had went into.
  2. The party cases the warehouse and figures out a plan of attack. As with all best laid plans of mice and men things do not go as planned but the party does manage to get a hostage to question when they do not find Veed there. The hostage tells the party that the slavers probably took him to the west to a sea cave they use to ship things in and out.
  3. The party also finds the owners of the warehouse, the Tarace Mercantile, have been keeping a second set of books and have been dealing in things that would be considered black market material including slaves. The party gets 50 gp as a reward for the slaver and the info. The party is offered an additional 1000 gp for proof of breaking up slaver ring in the sea cave.
  4. The party makes inquiries of the local fisherman and with enough greasing of palms gets one to tell them where he thinks it is. The harbor he knows of is not easily seen from the water because of the way the cliffs are but from the land it should be more noticeable. They are unable to find someone willing to sail them into the cove. The fisherman recommends that the party find a herder or farmer that might be able to better direct them for a land route.
  5. The party does find a herder, once again by greasing palms, who tells them of a herd that never really moves. He gives them general directions and the party heads out to find the herd that does not move.
  6. The party does find the herd and like told on approach the only things that seem to interact with their environment are the herd dogs. On closer examination the herd dogs are not dogs at all but wolves and as they morph into their hybrid forms, they are discovered to be werewolves.
  7. The party dispatches the werewolves but not before two of the party are bite, Arum and Pretern.
  8. The group discovers that the herd and the shepherds are nothing but illusions and that they have found the sea cave they were looking for. There is a small little traveled trail down to the small beach where the sea cave is. The group starts down the path and all but the Arum and Xan fall done the cliff and nearly dies.
  9. Once they heal themselves up, the party proceeds into the sea caves. Ariana manages to trick the guards in the first room and they easily terminated. The first cave seems to be a loading/unloading dock of sorts with cargo ready to go out. The cargo is mainly high price non bulk items but no slaves.
  10. The adventurers work their way back further into the cave complex and do well at avoiding too much detection until…….
  11. At a major intersection the group encounters several guards. Arum throws up a web spell that gets party members but even before that Ariana tries to make a flying leap up on to a bolder but ends up missing and falling backwards in Rotrum and they both falling to the ground. The party does get rid of these guards and discovers that parts of the sea cave floor can be moved up and down blocking or almost blocking a passage.
  12. Starting down a new passage the party is attacked by a grey ooze. They destroy the ooze without much difficulty.
  13. With all the noise from battling the ooze the party has alerted the next room full of thugs. After an intense battle, the group questions a worshipper of Zon-Kuthon. He laughs and makes fun of the party as they question him and finally they put him to rest.
  14. The party finally enters the last of the sea caves that has several thugs, a priest of Zon-Kuthon, and slaves locked up in the back.
  15. The battle ends with the priest dead. Xan dead. Two of the thugs manage to escape using potions and swimming out to sea. The party has yet to check on the slaves to see if one is Veed.
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