Andoran Campaign

Having fun storming castle, wish you were here.....

After a bit of searching, the party finds the secret entrance and opens it. They follow a narrow ledge upstream uphill. The party comes to a large pool fills half this cavern. This cavern widens into a chamber. To the east and south, recessed ledges overlook the room. Alcoves to the south and southwest end in double doors. Before the party has a real chance to explore further, they are attacked by an earth elemental. The combat draws the attention of a couple of Fellnight spriggans which also move to attack. During the battle some bright shinnies are spotted on one of the ledges that are in the cavern. Long, grayish roots descend from an open shaft in the cavern’s ceiling down to this raised ledge. Several objects gleam and glitter amid a pile of bones situated among the rocks below. The party does discover treasure on the one ledge but not before discovering that it is due to assassin vines inhabiting the pit above the ledge. After dispatching the vines, the party collects the treasure and moves on. One set of the double doors leads to a set of stairs leading upward the other leads to the dungeon Braybittle spoke of. A smoking pit of hot coals and ash lies in the center of this room. Barbed cells line the walls, and a huddled figure lies within an enclosure in the south wall. This prison holds Cort Finlen, the last of nine lumberjacks kidnapped from a Lumber Consortium camp in the Verduran Forest. He awaits further interrogation about Bellis and its environs at the hands of Rhoswen’s chief interrogator, Jaxir. He knows little about the rest of the palace, but can describe the satyr to his rescuers. The party secures Finlen’s safety in the secret entrance tunnel and then move on to the next set of double doors in the dungeon. The party opens these next double doors to find the torture chamber, two more Fellnight spriggans and the satyr, Jaxir. Torturous implements highlight this room, including a rack, a set of stocks draped with several well-used whips, and a table housing a complicated pulley system for driving thorns into victims from multiple angles. Two punctured bodies, long deceased, lie upon the floor. Having pennied the doors behind them with copper coins, the party is alerted to a pair of Fellnight spriggans moving up behind them. The battle begins with soon after Preturn suddenly siding with the satyr and the Fellnight spriggans. The battle turns against the dungeon denizens and the satyr flees into the next room. Arianna hears the pleas by Xan for help but is not able to before Xan is silenced. After having the satyr flee into the next room seems to have left Preturn dazed and confused. Arianna and Veed break into the next room where they find the satyr and a dying Xan. They kill Jaxir, rescue Xan, and the spell seems to break on Preturn so that at least for now he is not killing all the party members. The party gathers themselves, and the lone lumberjack, together and settle into rest. After resting they explore the rest of the tower and find Jaxir’s bedroom and his treasure. The party heads upstairs having explored the entire dungeon, as far as they know anyway. Arriving on the main level, the party unleashes Hell, or at least Dis anyway, by battling several Fellnight spriggans, a half dozen worgs, and four gargoyles. One of the gargoyles does get away and flies toward the highest tower before disappearing from sight. The group opens the double doors in the courtyard. The doors open to reveal a wide entry hall lined with prickly spines serving as columns. The floor is hard-packed earth, and windblown leaves gather near the entrance. At the end of the hall, raised steps lead to a set of towering double doors as the passage turns west. An illusory wall covers a pit between the first four columns, dropping into area of the assassin vines below.

A someone has been dragonnapped!

The party begins its journey to the castle of Queen Rhoswen. They try and stay off the road and out of sight as much as possible. The main road to the castle is fairly obvious. Xan reports back that from the air she can see several more campfires like the one they encountered at the gate to the Fellnight Realm. She can also see several other areas alight by either Faerie Fire or Dancing Globes or some other magical source. The party locates the Fellnight spriggan that got away from the first battle and easily defeat it.
As the party is getting closer to the castle, Xan spots a flattened out clearing on the road ahead. The party decides to circumnavigate the area. Xan goes out for a routine surveillance flight and does not come back. The party decides it needs to look for her and runs into its own issues with two pixies and an awakened bee swarm. After dealing with most of that issue the party witnesses an exchange between Braybittle and a satyr named Jaxer Tarm and several Fellnight spriggans. After a heated discussion, the satyr and Fellnight spriggans leave with a squirming sack.
The party falls back into the forest to discuss what they saw and are attack by the pixies that got away from the previous encounter. Once the pixie is dispatched, the party decides to parlay with Braybittle. The exchange with Braybittle goes rather well. He is very disillusioned with the way he has been treated by Rhoswen and has had enough of her. Although he will not accompany the party into the castle he does give them the location to a secret entrance, several gifts, and some information they can use. For his part, he will cause trouble outside of the castle to try and draw out even more of the guards that might be in the castle. He knows that Rhoswen is over confident with her plans and has sent most of her army out into the Material plane. The satyr they saw was Rhoswen’s torturer and confirms that they took Xan to the castle for interrogation. The torture chamber is on the lower level where the secret entrance comes in at. The secret entrance is where a stream pours forth from under the castle. Rhoswen grew the castle out of a single thistle so most of the walls inside and out of the castle at like a briar patch.
The party sets off across the plane in search of the stream and the secret entrance while Braybittle, his companion insect, and several more awakened bee swarms heads out the other way. The party finds the stream but curiously it actually flows into the castle by going uphill. They also discover that the only way to get near the castle quickly is to go by boat downstream uphill. The party manages to avoid a group of Fellnight spriggans and worgs also. The party locates the secret entrance and now just needs to get it open.

P.S. Never park behind Terry!

Never send a ranger to scout things out.

After having recovered the stones and a lock iron chest from an underwater cave at the upper level of Dead Man’s Drop, the party finds themselves surrounded by at least 40 Fellnight Spriggans. A familiar voice rings out, echoing through the ravine. “Well done!” the familiar voice of Tenzekil Braybittle calls out, “but the wardstones will do you no good! The first army of Queen Rhoswen has already arrived. She will claim this forest, and you can do nothing about that. Now put the stones back, lay down your weapons, and perhaps we’ll let you live!” The hum of thousands of bees punctuates his warning as a rising swarm fills the sky. However, a Sense Motive check sees through Tenzekil’s lies. Queen Rhoswen greatly fears losing the wardstones and has no intention of letting the party go.

However shortly after Tenzekil’s speech the Fellnight spriggans begin to close in around the party. None too soon after the speech the cavalry also arrives, almost literally. Several unicorns, treants, and fey show up and start attacking the spriggans. The unicorns, led by the one the party recused, Palombier, call to the party to come down the ravine and climb on so they can teleport you out of the ravine. The party makes its way to the bottom of the ravine, after having battled a couple spriggan and is teleported by the unicorns away from the fight.

The unicorns abruptly arrive within a forest glade unaffected by the strange mist that has blanketed the forest for the past several days. Instead, faerie lights illuminate the clearing, dancing between the trees. Several creatures look up at your arrival—a host of centaurs, wood elves, satyrs, and sprites— all part of an encampment clearly armed for war. The party are made as comfortable as possible and asked to stay for the Conclave. The party mingles with the other groups gathered and discovers that at least one is considering siding with Queen Rhoswen. The party gets invited to the Conclave once it begins. The main speakers are Fira, Vinroot, and Devarre. Sensing that Rhoswen fears the PCs, Devarre proposes that the party face the queen in her own palace, even as the other fey engage her army on the battlefield. The unicorns volunteer to carry the PCs into the Fellnight Realm if they agree to stop Rhoswen’s tainted magic from taking root on Golarion. Devarre explains they must repair the ring of wardstones with those they reclaimed from the pool. Then, after reaching the highest tower of Rhoswen’s palace, they can reactivate the Faengard with the Crook of Cildhureen, provided they can pry it from the fey-queen’s hands.

As a demiplane, the Fellnight Realm has the following traits:
Timeless Aging does not occur in the Fellnight Realm. Hunger, thirst, and the effects of poison or healing all still apply, but Rhoswen and her minions exist as immortal creatures. Outsiders also stop aging upon entering the demiplane, but such effects retroactively apply when they leave.
Self-contained shape The borders of the Fellnight Realm wrap in on themselves in a spherical plane, bringing travelers back to their original starting point after only a few weeks of travel.
Mildly evil-aligned The crook of Cildhureen has allowed Rhoswen to extend much of her malign influence and emotional instability over her realm. As a result, creatures of good alignment suffer a –2 circumstance penalty on all Charisma-based checks within the demiplane.
Enhanced magic Illusion spells with the shadow descriptor and conjuration spells with the creation descriptor act as if cast with the Extend Spell metamagic feat if they have duration other than instantaneous. Such spells do not require higher-level slots.
Dim light The sky of the Fellnight Realm looks like a night full of bright stars, though its two moons match Golarion’s moons. The sun never shines here, though plants grow normally, partially sustained by energy of the First World. Ambient illumination outdoors is typically dim light at all times, though lights (such as torches and light spells) work normally and storm clouds may temporarily block the starlight and moonlight.

Veed and Felix advance through the opening into the Fellnight realm. They sneak off to the side once the spot, just on the other side of the opening spriggans and worgs. Perturn, uninformed of the enemies on the other side of the portal, walks through and is attacked by the spriggans with their thorn javelins. The worgs notice Felix and attack Veed’s consort. The worgs and two of the three spriggans are killed quickly. The ward stones are placed where they should be and the runes on them glow slightly.

Lightning does strike twice. Just ask Rotram.

Fellnight Spriggans easily mopped up. Unicorn and dryad saved. Druid freed from domination by Fellnight will-o-wisp. Rotram does his best Mythbusters but forgets to substitute himself with Buster. Group finds stones, and some treasure, after defeating water elementals in what seemed to be a D&D 4th edition fight. And then bleached gnome and about 3 dozen of his friends show up.

Wedding Crashers Can Be So Rude

The ceremony started off nice enough. A sudden swell of music announces the bride and groom’s approach. Kailah and Elyin emerge from the chapel of Shelyn with the priestess Viviana by their side. Bridesmaids and musicians follow behind. Guests immediately gather in the amphitheater at the center of the grove. Once the procession reaches the gazebo, Viviana announces a song from Shelyn. She nods briefly to the musicians for accompaniment and starts to sing.
In mid-song, Viviana suddenly stops and gasps in pain, swatting a bee on her forearm. A low, booming buzz then erupts from the treeline behind her as thousands more bees rise into the air. The roiling mass of insect separates into two and heads straight into the gathered crowd, eliciting screams of terror.
The party leaps to inaction. Some learning that swarms, of a certain type, are unaffected by weapons and others learning that certain spells are not area effect. While some help party guest evacuate, those that are prepared enough manage to take down one of the swarms. The idea is hatched to collapse the food tent on top of the remaining swarm. Several characters man the tent poles and await the swarm lead in by Oliverus. The tent is brought down on the swarm. But then the tent is alight because of the cooking fires that were still going under it when it was collapsed. None the less, the last swarm is terminated.
Only a brief moment later though, Tenzekil Braybittle announces his presence when he says “Fools! You shall rue the day you shunned my pallid condition and laughed at my losses! Know your doom has come! When Queen Rhoswen arrives, all will perish—you will choke upon her mist, die by her thorns, and fall before her armies! May you forever suffer the curses of the Fellnight fey! Tenzekil shall have his revenge on you all!”
After his lovely speech, three Fellnight spriggans emerge from the forest and attack the party. Braybittle casts a Wall of Thorns across the battle field to allow the spriggans a movement advantage. Several party members are brought to the verge of death from spriggan shrapnel as the party, with artillery help from some of the villagers, dispatches the spriggans. Dieter manages to find Braybittle in the forest for a little while. It turns out that it was just an illusion.
The next morning the town is enveloped by a fog of mysterious origin. The party is found by Elyin Ursage, a ranger and the groom of the failed wedding. He asks them, for the town council, if the party will help investigate what is going on.
Elyin can give the party the following information:
Who is Tenzekil? “He’s a local beekeeper. A depressed little gnome. He succumbed to the Bleaching about 2 years ago and disappeared several weeks back. He surprised everyone by showing up again for the wedding.”
What’s causing the mist? “I don’t know, but it’s really scaring the townsfolk. If Tenzekil’s threats prove true, this could be the beginning of something worse.”
Is there anyone who might know more? “There is a druid named Devarre. He lives somewhere west of town—he makes his home in the woods, but no one knows exactly where. He usually finds travelers before they find him, but some of the fey of the forest know for certain.”
What did Tenzekil mean about Queen Rhoswen and the Fellnight fey? “I have no idea. Many fey live in the forest, but I’ve never heard any of them called that before.”
What are you going to do while we’re gone? “The Foresthawks and I will prepare a defense in case an army does march on Bellis.”
The party heads out the next day and gets lost. They end up circling back around and marching through Bellis again. The party does eventually find their way away from Bellis and out in to the forest in search of Devarre.
After a brief time in the forest, the party comes to a rest. A slender, furtive figure separates from one of the trees at the edge of camp. It takes only a couple of steps and then collapses to the ground with a gasp of pain. “Please… you must help us!” a small voice implores. “They came from the shadows… inside the mist! My sisters are dying! They’re burning our trees! We have nowhere else to turn! You must help!”
Who did this to you? “Spriggans. Horrid little gnomes. Half-plant and fully malicious, they grow like weeds. Legends tell of such creatures once locked away in a place called the Fellnight Realm. But that was… thousands of years ago.”
Who are you? “I am Breena. A dryad born of the Second World.”
There are more of you? “Yes. My four older sisters—Averdine, Fira, Hana, and Sebille. They urged me to
find help while they defend our grove. Please don’t let them die!”
Where do you live? “Our grove lies in a clearing ofpaueliel trees just south of here. Follow the gully like
a trail and it will take you there. Hurry!” (Paueliels are silvery softwood trees that rise to over a hundred feet and are said to have ties to the First World)
After a few question, she dies killed along with her tree in their grove.

Phyllis, the bees are coming.....

The group arrives in Bellis from Wispil. They are back home in Andoran. They arrive on the eve of a wedding that the entire town is celebrating, an outdoor wedding for Elyin Ursage and his bride, Kailah Winmede. The characters manage to sell off some of their excess gear and treasure. The party participates in some of the pre-wedding celebration. The party crosses paths with a bleaching gnome by the name of Tenzekil Braybittle.
A couple of days later in the earlier afternoon, Kailah and Elyin emerge from the chapel of Shelyn with the priestess Viviana by their side. Bridesmaids and musicians follow behind. Guests immediately gather in the amphitheater at the center of the grove.
As the rest of the town gathers for the afternoon wedding, the group notices a hum that seems to be growing louder. The low, booming buzz then erupts from behind the tree line as thousands of bees rise into the air. The roiling mass of insects heads straight into the gathered crowd, eliciting screams of terror.

Sleeping Beauties

Game Synopsis April 7

The now being lighter on Arcane powers, picks up a very interesting addition in the form of a gnome wizard. The party then heads out to find the Briar Henge. As the party draws nearer the Henge, the forest grows wilder. The party takes refuge in a lumber camp for the night. During the night they are attacked by feral lumber jacks. The lumber jacks are captured for the most part without harm except for one that is killed by Ariana. Most feel the death was unnecessary and are stand offish for a time. The surviving feral lumber jacks are penned up. The party processed on to the Henge without much further incident. There was one where they witnessed a group of feral people being chased by a group of lycanthropes hunters that were intern being chased by lycanthropes. Nearer the Henge the party defeats an elf lycanthrope hunter and her companion crocodile. Once they finally find the Henge, about the half the party is put to sleep by atomies and their sleep poison. After they finish off or drive off the atomies and a spriggan, the party retreats to lick their wounds and await the sleeping to awaken.

Forget thy past, Condemn thy future

The party finally makes it to Isle of Arenway. Karlexif informs the party that their contact on the island is named Regleena and they can meet her at the Low Branch Inn. They also discover, while exiting the boat, that Karlexif was indeed a Pathfinder. The Isle of Arenway is the Wildwood Lodges main headquarters, so to speak. The Isle is broken up into sparse and dense areas of woods. There are very few buildings on the isle and most of those are mills or support for the mills. A lot of the buildings that do exist are of halfing and gnome sized.
The party finds the Low Branch Inn. It is the lower branch, more or less truck sized, of an enormous tree. The inn’s common room is occupied by mainly fighter types from the looks of them. It is easy for the party to spot Regleena since she is sitting by herself with everyone else giving her lots of room. At first glance she looks rather unkempt but there is no other indication of this outside her outward appearance.
She leads the party back to her “house”, which is as one would guess is a tree. The upper levels are accessed by a set of stairs that can only be seen when one is touching the truck of the tree. The party is given a room to stay in and some more provisions for their trip. She also advises them of a couple things to keep in mind for their trip. The first most important thing is that everything here and on the road to Wispil is about the lumber. Secondly that the Wildwood Lodge and Taldor take very seriously keeping the road safe. Third if anything that comes along the road it is best just to move over and get out of the way. She gives the party a quick over view of the city and then leaves them to their own devices.
The party sets out on the road to Wispil the next day after having acquired a horse and wagon. Something visits them in one of the first nights that seem to keep Rotrum from getting his spells back. He does get them back in the coming days but at one level per day. The party also hears howling several nights in a row. The howling never comes too close but it is definitely always there at night. The howling does not sound unnatural in origin.
Several nights into the trip the party is attacked by a pair of owlbears. The party defeats the owlbears and then half the party takes off to track the surviving owlbear that run off into the woods. They manage to find the owlbear but it has already bled to death from its wounds. They decide to track back to find the owlbears lair. They get to the lair but find no eggs or treasure.
Meanwhile, following the old adage “split up we can take more damage that way”, and having learned nothing from the first time they split up outdoors, the rest of the party is attack by dire wolves. The very ones that they had been hearing during the night. Arum is killed. They wagon party manages to defeat the dire wolves by the time the rest get back from their midnight stroll in the woods.
Once morning arrives they toss the dead body into the wagon and head out. The party is on the road for a bit when they hear thundering hooves coming up behind them. Veed pulls the wagon over to the side of the road like Regleena had said. The group on horseback turns out to be a Taldoran patrol that was looking for who killed the owlbears to thank them and reward the slayers. However, Ariana, in what is describe by the Patrol Captain, decides to make a break for it and acts like the party is about to be attacked. The patrol deals with her with the best way they know how, neutralizing her quickly with bolts and spell. Once Rotrum brings her back around there is a “discussion” that ensues that leads the captain to order everyone to drop weapons and prepare to be searched. Veed then proceeds to rat out Rotrum as a cleric of Sarenrae. The situation is quickly defused by the wizard on patrol with the watch. The two have a heated debate out of ear shy by spell. The patrol leaves without further incidence. The party waits until the patrol has been gone awhile and then heads out again. They discover however, that they had been watched from the other side of the road by someone.
Back on the road to Wispil, the party encounters a rowdy group of adventurers and lets them pass. During one of the last nights on the road, a naked man runs out of the woods, howls up at the sky, looks at the party and then runs off into the woods again.
Finally getting to town they party gets directions to Falbin’s house. The party arrives to find the house under attack by some of the very adventurers that had pasted them on the road. The party defeats them and save Falbin and his house from the fire the thugs had apparently set. For saving him and his house, Falbin pays the gold for the cost of having Arum reincarnated. Arum comes back as a half-elf. After the having the party reassembled, Falbin tells the party about the Atavistic Splinter and that it seems to be causing anyone that gets to near to it to become feral. He gives the party Litheria Blossoms that should help me stave off the feral condition. He also tells them what he knows about Briar Henge, the dark fey, and druid connection.

Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, TROLLS!

After having gotten a little bit more reward from rescue of priest. Apparently after they drove her out, the kyton went on a murdering spree. The party discovers a gnome snooping outside their rooms but nothing more comes of it. They meet the boomrafter Karlexif, who will be getting them up stream. The trip up river goes smoothly. Veed catches a daily supply of fish to keep the rations from getting too low. The party notices an increase in the number of patrols and finds out why when they are attacked by scrags. They dive them off and stop to lick their wounds for the night.

Why did the session have me singing Rihanna?

The party does make it into port at Cassomir. Once docked the party gets Xan raised and restored to full. The party then finds out that they have a lycanthrope in their company, Arum. Arum does get himself cured before the next full moon. The party explores the town. The party makes inquiries about getting a ship going upstream but has no luck. No one wants to take them on and they cannot outright buy one themselves without lots of cost for the boat and permits. While exploring more options about how to get up river Rotrum encounters one of the Hidden. Rotrum and the priestess of Sarenrae says that she can help the party if they are willing to help her. One of the other Hidden has gone missing. He was dealing with a clutch of kobolds that were helping smuggle things in and out of the city. At first the kobolds got the blame but then they had disappeared too. The priestess gives Rotrum directions on where the kobold lair is and where to find her again. The party enters the lair and encounters a mated pair of otyugh. They defeat them and then find most of the kobolds massacred but their traps unsprang, well until Veed gets there. The party also encounters two wights which were quickly dispatched. The party descends a hole that is surrounded by chains. They encounter what has killed the kobolds, a kyton. The party runs the kyton off and finds the missing priest still alive but in bad shape.


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