Pretern is a Chelaxian fighter trained in the use of pole-arms.


Pretern grew up in Cheliax. His family are farmers owning a plot of land big enough to produce food to comfortably feed the household with enough left over to engage in some commerce. Pretern and his twin sister Lerca were the only children to survive to adulthood. Lerca married a local boy from a family with a small plot of land adjacent to their own. Now that there would be another male to maintain the farm and care for his parents Pretern formally divested himself of any financial claims to the land and joined the a City Guard unit.
In the guard Pretern found himself isolated, his country manners of speech, laconic at best, prevented any close friendships. The fact that his work ethic (which in his case meant several extra hours of personal workouts each day) tended to reflect badly on his fellows also didn’t help the matter. So when he arrested a young drunk noble (during which event the noble ended up receiving several bruises, although not as many as Pretern did) the support of his fellows regarding the necessity of force was not to be found. It quickly became apparent between his lack of friends and his newly gained enemy, the city was no longer a good place for him to remain. He therefore made a formal and public apology to the noble’s house and his commander, offer his resignation for his failure, and slipped quietly out of town. When he was caught a few miles from town by a some friends of the noble, who beat him badly, he got the message and decided to slide out of Cheliax altogether.
Crossing quietly into Andoran Pretern looked for work as a guardsman, but found his Chelaxian accent and his quiet manner unwelcome. It was only when he met a member of the Pathfinder society who was willing to overlook his shortcomings that he found an opportunity to be productive.


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