Andoran Campaign

Why did the session have me singing Rihanna?

The party does make it into port at Cassomir. Once docked the party gets Xan raised and restored to full. The party then finds out that they have a lycanthrope in their company, Arum. Arum does get himself cured before the next full moon. The party explores the town. The party makes inquiries about getting a ship going upstream but has no luck. No one wants to take them on and they cannot outright buy one themselves without lots of cost for the boat and permits. While exploring more options about how to get up river Rotrum encounters one of the Hidden. Rotrum and the priestess of Sarenrae says that she can help the party if they are willing to help her. One of the other Hidden has gone missing. He was dealing with a clutch of kobolds that were helping smuggle things in and out of the city. At first the kobolds got the blame but then they had disappeared too. The priestess gives Rotrum directions on where the kobold lair is and where to find her again. The party enters the lair and encounters a mated pair of otyugh. They defeat them and then find most of the kobolds massacred but their traps unsprang, well until Veed gets there. The party also encounters two wights which were quickly dispatched. The party descends a hole that is surrounded by chains. They encounter what has killed the kobolds, a kyton. The party runs the kyton off and finds the missing priest still alive but in bad shape.


Let’s not forget that Arum owes Ariana 375 gp plus whatever interest she decides on. BRAW-HA-HA


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