Andoran Campaign

Where have all the peasants gone.

As the rest of the party wakes up, Ariana shows up walking out of the field. She has no idea why she was asleep in the field. The party continues on to Almas with not much happening until the party is once again bothered by zombie, or where they nombies or zinjas, anyway. Oliver brings forth the lantern, which is shining brightly. It seems to have the same effect as Roturm has on undead. But alas, the wicked wench choices then to show her true colors to the party by trying to backstab Oliver. Ariana fails at her attempt to slay Oliver and steal the lantern. Oliver turns invisible and tries to hide. Ariana is unable to find her with her dragon breath. Meanwhile the rest of the party tries to rein in Ariana without damaging her too much. They find out soon enough that she is not alone but haunted. The party does manage to drive off the haunt after a bit of damage. Her scarlet letter definitely seems to be gone now too. The party continues on without a thought of what happened and why. The group encounters a rather large earth elemental that just wants to go home so they send him home. Before he gets sent home, the elemental tells them he got there because the wizard that was summoning him was in some kind of an accident and the summons went wrong. The trip goes uneventful again until the party starts to encounter abandoned homesteads. Some burnt out some not. They encounter one freshly set afire but do not find much of anything. The only things they all seem to have in common are, there is really no signs of a fight and all the personnel effects are gone.



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