Andoran Campaign

Traveling with the Scarlet Letter.

The party decides to spend time in Sauerton to make magic items and hang out, mistake number one for at least some. While waiting for the party to get on the road, Ariana and Veed decide to hit the town during a couple of evenings. Not scoring much at all except a small coin purse, they quickly become bored with the merchant class establishments they move on to the high class joints. Veed cannot get in because of a dress code but Ariana can. After several nights of not much happening and being snubbed, Ariana and Veed decide to tail one of the snubs home. Veed losing track of Ariana and hops on the back of a carriage and takes a joyride. Ariana follows her mark back and decides to scale what looks like an easy mark of a wall. Once she begins to ascend the wall, a Magic Mouth goes off and a ward activates casting a nasty hold spell. She is taken into custody. A High Inquisitor is called into to pass judgment. Rotrum manages to soften the penalty to a Mark of Judgment. Ariana can still practice her trade but just within sight of Rotrum or with his missive without the effects of the Mark happening. Ariana will have her stuff returned to her at the edge of town when the party leaves. The party finishes up and departs town. On the way to Carpenden, several strange things happen; a part of a horse, and boot with a leg in it, wondering globes of light. Finally reaching Carpenden, The party decides to high tail it through the town, except Oliver who goes for a roof run. Back on the road to home, the group encounters goblin signs and avoids them. The party scouts spot a house afire and goblins running like mad towards the blaze.



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