Andoran Campaign

Sleeping Beauties

Game Synopsis April 7

The now being lighter on Arcane powers, picks up a very interesting addition in the form of a gnome wizard. The party then heads out to find the Briar Henge. As the party draws nearer the Henge, the forest grows wilder. The party takes refuge in a lumber camp for the night. During the night they are attacked by feral lumber jacks. The lumber jacks are captured for the most part without harm except for one that is killed by Ariana. Most feel the death was unnecessary and are stand offish for a time. The surviving feral lumber jacks are penned up. The party processed on to the Henge without much further incident. There was one where they witnessed a group of feral people being chased by a group of lycanthropes hunters that were intern being chased by lycanthropes. Nearer the Henge the party defeats an elf lycanthrope hunter and her companion crocodile. Once they finally find the Henge, about the half the party is put to sleep by atomies and their sleep poison. After they finish off or drive off the atomies and a spriggan, the party retreats to lick their wounds and await the sleeping to awaken.



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