Andoran Campaign

Phyllis, the bees are coming.....

The group arrives in Bellis from Wispil. They are back home in Andoran. They arrive on the eve of a wedding that the entire town is celebrating, an outdoor wedding for Elyin Ursage and his bride, Kailah Winmede. The characters manage to sell off some of their excess gear and treasure. The party participates in some of the pre-wedding celebration. The party crosses paths with a bleaching gnome by the name of Tenzekil Braybittle.
A couple of days later in the earlier afternoon, Kailah and Elyin emerge from the chapel of Shelyn with the priestess Viviana by their side. Bridesmaids and musicians follow behind. Guests immediately gather in the amphitheater at the center of the grove.
As the rest of the town gathers for the afternoon wedding, the group notices a hum that seems to be growing louder. The low, booming buzz then erupts from behind the tree line as thousands of bees rise into the air. The roiling mass of insects heads straight into the gathered crowd, eliciting screams of terror.



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