Andoran Campaign

Never send a ranger to scout things out.

After having recovered the stones and a lock iron chest from an underwater cave at the upper level of Dead Man’s Drop, the party finds themselves surrounded by at least 40 Fellnight Spriggans. A familiar voice rings out, echoing through the ravine. “Well done!” the familiar voice of Tenzekil Braybittle calls out, “but the wardstones will do you no good! The first army of Queen Rhoswen has already arrived. She will claim this forest, and you can do nothing about that. Now put the stones back, lay down your weapons, and perhaps we’ll let you live!” The hum of thousands of bees punctuates his warning as a rising swarm fills the sky. However, a Sense Motive check sees through Tenzekil’s lies. Queen Rhoswen greatly fears losing the wardstones and has no intention of letting the party go.

However shortly after Tenzekil’s speech the Fellnight spriggans begin to close in around the party. None too soon after the speech the cavalry also arrives, almost literally. Several unicorns, treants, and fey show up and start attacking the spriggans. The unicorns, led by the one the party recused, Palombier, call to the party to come down the ravine and climb on so they can teleport you out of the ravine. The party makes its way to the bottom of the ravine, after having battled a couple spriggan and is teleported by the unicorns away from the fight.

The unicorns abruptly arrive within a forest glade unaffected by the strange mist that has blanketed the forest for the past several days. Instead, faerie lights illuminate the clearing, dancing between the trees. Several creatures look up at your arrival—a host of centaurs, wood elves, satyrs, and sprites— all part of an encampment clearly armed for war. The party are made as comfortable as possible and asked to stay for the Conclave. The party mingles with the other groups gathered and discovers that at least one is considering siding with Queen Rhoswen. The party gets invited to the Conclave once it begins. The main speakers are Fira, Vinroot, and Devarre. Sensing that Rhoswen fears the PCs, Devarre proposes that the party face the queen in her own palace, even as the other fey engage her army on the battlefield. The unicorns volunteer to carry the PCs into the Fellnight Realm if they agree to stop Rhoswen’s tainted magic from taking root on Golarion. Devarre explains they must repair the ring of wardstones with those they reclaimed from the pool. Then, after reaching the highest tower of Rhoswen’s palace, they can reactivate the Faengard with the Crook of Cildhureen, provided they can pry it from the fey-queen’s hands.

As a demiplane, the Fellnight Realm has the following traits:
Timeless Aging does not occur in the Fellnight Realm. Hunger, thirst, and the effects of poison or healing all still apply, but Rhoswen and her minions exist as immortal creatures. Outsiders also stop aging upon entering the demiplane, but such effects retroactively apply when they leave.
Self-contained shape The borders of the Fellnight Realm wrap in on themselves in a spherical plane, bringing travelers back to their original starting point after only a few weeks of travel.
Mildly evil-aligned The crook of Cildhureen has allowed Rhoswen to extend much of her malign influence and emotional instability over her realm. As a result, creatures of good alignment suffer a –2 circumstance penalty on all Charisma-based checks within the demiplane.
Enhanced magic Illusion spells with the shadow descriptor and conjuration spells with the creation descriptor act as if cast with the Extend Spell metamagic feat if they have duration other than instantaneous. Such spells do not require higher-level slots.
Dim light The sky of the Fellnight Realm looks like a night full of bright stars, though its two moons match Golarion’s moons. The sun never shines here, though plants grow normally, partially sustained by energy of the First World. Ambient illumination outdoors is typically dim light at all times, though lights (such as torches and light spells) work normally and storm clouds may temporarily block the starlight and moonlight.

Veed and Felix advance through the opening into the Fellnight realm. They sneak off to the side once the spot, just on the other side of the opening spriggans and worgs. Perturn, uninformed of the enemies on the other side of the portal, walks through and is attacked by the spriggans with their thorn javelins. The worgs notice Felix and attack Veed’s consort. The worgs and two of the three spriggans are killed quickly. The ward stones are placed where they should be and the runes on them glow slightly.



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