Andoran Campaign

Long Journey Home........... Part 1 of ?

A Long Road Home………………
The party gathers itself together and heads out for Sauerton. The head through the west section of the Verduran Forest. Braybittle and his swarms are to be the party’s escort through the forest. Braybittle remains hidden for most of the trip. The journey to through the forest is for the most part without incident. The few exceptions are a troll attack on a wagon that was hauling spices. The patrol turn the spices over for the party to sell since there is no way of telling who or what company they might actually belong. The troll(s) are said to be moving east. The opposite way the part is headed. This is confirmed by Braybittle.
The Xan and Sol come across what appears to be husband and wife druids that are happily living in the woods.
The party finds a small treasure box inscribed with the words, “Beware Dirk the Dangerous”.
One night the watch sees what it thinks is some sort of apparition. Sol investigates and it appears to be a glowing semi-transparent figure carrying a lantern. The next morning Oliver discovers a lantern on the ground next to the wagon. The grass around the lantern is withered. There are markings on the lantern but are unrecognizable. Oliver takes the lantern and puts it in his sack much to Preturns dismay.
The other interesting forest encounter happens once the party nears, relatively, the ruins of Diggen’s Rest. The party seems to think they are being trailed by something but can never really figure out for sure if their suspicions of a green dragon are true or not. They proceed on only to be approached by an attractive eleven female clad in green leather armor but apparently unarmed. She buys the spices from them with what appears to be gold bars with Thassilonan markings on them. Once the party leaves the forest, they see and hear no more from Braybittle.
After leaving the forest, the group encounters some dirt mounds and freshly dug holes in the ground.
The party does spot a far off camp fire one night but nothing comes of it for them.
The group discovers a raided farm and the remains of the family. They find that the raiders came from out on the plains and returned the same way. A patrol comes by and the party informs them of what they found. After burying the bodies, the group decides to stay the night at the raided farm since it is getting late. Later that night, the lantern that Oliver took and put in his sack is out sitting on the edge of the wagon. After the lantern door is unlatched, an apparition appears from the light coming from the lantern. The apparition looks exactly like the one that was in the forest and is elven in appearance. New runes on the lantern can be seen and these are eleven in nature. The apparition floats over to the graves of the family, it stops and stays there for a brief moment, head bowed. Rotrum walks over to investigate. The rest of the party goes into battle mode waiting for the worst. The graves are briefly highlighted by a light blue fog which seems to sink into the graves. The apparition turns back towards the lantern and floats throw several of the party with no ill effect. Once at the lantern the apparition disappears along with the elven runes.
The party continues its travels after the night at the raided farm. The party does make it the rest of the way to Sauerton without further incident. In Sauerton, the party is able to liquidate a good bit of its extra baggage including the fey wine. The question then remains, how exactly to get back to Almas?



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