Andoran Campaign

Having fun storming castle, wish you were here.....

After a bit of searching, the party finds the secret entrance and opens it. They follow a narrow ledge upstream uphill. The party comes to a large pool fills half this cavern. This cavern widens into a chamber. To the east and south, recessed ledges overlook the room. Alcoves to the south and southwest end in double doors. Before the party has a real chance to explore further, they are attacked by an earth elemental. The combat draws the attention of a couple of Fellnight spriggans which also move to attack. During the battle some bright shinnies are spotted on one of the ledges that are in the cavern. Long, grayish roots descend from an open shaft in the cavern’s ceiling down to this raised ledge. Several objects gleam and glitter amid a pile of bones situated among the rocks below. The party does discover treasure on the one ledge but not before discovering that it is due to assassin vines inhabiting the pit above the ledge. After dispatching the vines, the party collects the treasure and moves on. One set of the double doors leads to a set of stairs leading upward the other leads to the dungeon Braybittle spoke of. A smoking pit of hot coals and ash lies in the center of this room. Barbed cells line the walls, and a huddled figure lies within an enclosure in the south wall. This prison holds Cort Finlen, the last of nine lumberjacks kidnapped from a Lumber Consortium camp in the Verduran Forest. He awaits further interrogation about Bellis and its environs at the hands of Rhoswen’s chief interrogator, Jaxir. He knows little about the rest of the palace, but can describe the satyr to his rescuers. The party secures Finlen’s safety in the secret entrance tunnel and then move on to the next set of double doors in the dungeon. The party opens these next double doors to find the torture chamber, two more Fellnight spriggans and the satyr, Jaxir. Torturous implements highlight this room, including a rack, a set of stocks draped with several well-used whips, and a table housing a complicated pulley system for driving thorns into victims from multiple angles. Two punctured bodies, long deceased, lie upon the floor. Having pennied the doors behind them with copper coins, the party is alerted to a pair of Fellnight spriggans moving up behind them. The battle begins with soon after Preturn suddenly siding with the satyr and the Fellnight spriggans. The battle turns against the dungeon denizens and the satyr flees into the next room. Arianna hears the pleas by Xan for help but is not able to before Xan is silenced. After having the satyr flee into the next room seems to have left Preturn dazed and confused. Arianna and Veed break into the next room where they find the satyr and a dying Xan. They kill Jaxir, rescue Xan, and the spell seems to break on Preturn so that at least for now he is not killing all the party members. The party gathers themselves, and the lone lumberjack, together and settle into rest. After resting they explore the rest of the tower and find Jaxir’s bedroom and his treasure. The party heads upstairs having explored the entire dungeon, as far as they know anyway. Arriving on the main level, the party unleashes Hell, or at least Dis anyway, by battling several Fellnight spriggans, a half dozen worgs, and four gargoyles. One of the gargoyles does get away and flies toward the highest tower before disappearing from sight. The group opens the double doors in the courtyard. The doors open to reveal a wide entry hall lined with prickly spines serving as columns. The floor is hard-packed earth, and windblown leaves gather near the entrance. At the end of the hall, raised steps lead to a set of towering double doors as the passage turns west. An illusory wall covers a pit between the first four columns, dropping into area of the assassin vines below.



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