Andoran Campaign

Forget thy past, Condemn thy future

The party finally makes it to Isle of Arenway. Karlexif informs the party that their contact on the island is named Regleena and they can meet her at the Low Branch Inn. They also discover, while exiting the boat, that Karlexif was indeed a Pathfinder. The Isle of Arenway is the Wildwood Lodges main headquarters, so to speak. The Isle is broken up into sparse and dense areas of woods. There are very few buildings on the isle and most of those are mills or support for the mills. A lot of the buildings that do exist are of halfing and gnome sized.
The party finds the Low Branch Inn. It is the lower branch, more or less truck sized, of an enormous tree. The inn’s common room is occupied by mainly fighter types from the looks of them. It is easy for the party to spot Regleena since she is sitting by herself with everyone else giving her lots of room. At first glance she looks rather unkempt but there is no other indication of this outside her outward appearance.
She leads the party back to her “house”, which is as one would guess is a tree. The upper levels are accessed by a set of stairs that can only be seen when one is touching the truck of the tree. The party is given a room to stay in and some more provisions for their trip. She also advises them of a couple things to keep in mind for their trip. The first most important thing is that everything here and on the road to Wispil is about the lumber. Secondly that the Wildwood Lodge and Taldor take very seriously keeping the road safe. Third if anything that comes along the road it is best just to move over and get out of the way. She gives the party a quick over view of the city and then leaves them to their own devices.
The party sets out on the road to Wispil the next day after having acquired a horse and wagon. Something visits them in one of the first nights that seem to keep Rotrum from getting his spells back. He does get them back in the coming days but at one level per day. The party also hears howling several nights in a row. The howling never comes too close but it is definitely always there at night. The howling does not sound unnatural in origin.
Several nights into the trip the party is attacked by a pair of owlbears. The party defeats the owlbears and then half the party takes off to track the surviving owlbear that run off into the woods. They manage to find the owlbear but it has already bled to death from its wounds. They decide to track back to find the owlbears lair. They get to the lair but find no eggs or treasure.
Meanwhile, following the old adage “split up we can take more damage that way”, and having learned nothing from the first time they split up outdoors, the rest of the party is attack by dire wolves. The very ones that they had been hearing during the night. Arum is killed. They wagon party manages to defeat the dire wolves by the time the rest get back from their midnight stroll in the woods.
Once morning arrives they toss the dead body into the wagon and head out. The party is on the road for a bit when they hear thundering hooves coming up behind them. Veed pulls the wagon over to the side of the road like Regleena had said. The group on horseback turns out to be a Taldoran patrol that was looking for who killed the owlbears to thank them and reward the slayers. However, Ariana, in what is describe by the Patrol Captain, decides to make a break for it and acts like the party is about to be attacked. The patrol deals with her with the best way they know how, neutralizing her quickly with bolts and spell. Once Rotrum brings her back around there is a “discussion” that ensues that leads the captain to order everyone to drop weapons and prepare to be searched. Veed then proceeds to rat out Rotrum as a cleric of Sarenrae. The situation is quickly defused by the wizard on patrol with the watch. The two have a heated debate out of ear shy by spell. The patrol leaves without further incidence. The party waits until the patrol has been gone awhile and then heads out again. They discover however, that they had been watched from the other side of the road by someone.
Back on the road to Wispil, the party encounters a rowdy group of adventurers and lets them pass. During one of the last nights on the road, a naked man runs out of the woods, howls up at the sky, looks at the party and then runs off into the woods again.
Finally getting to town they party gets directions to Falbin’s house. The party arrives to find the house under attack by some of the very adventurers that had pasted them on the road. The party defeats them and save Falbin and his house from the fire the thugs had apparently set. For saving him and his house, Falbin pays the gold for the cost of having Arum reincarnated. Arum comes back as a half-elf. After the having the party reassembled, Falbin tells the party about the Atavistic Splinter and that it seems to be causing anyone that gets to near to it to become feral. He gives the party Litheria Blossoms that should help me stave off the feral condition. He also tells them what he knows about Briar Henge, the dark fey, and druid connection.



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