Andoran Campaign

Dead and back again, A Gnomes Tale

Xan nukes some goblins in field from orbit.
Group makes it to house and kills attackers but in the process kills the innocent family with a fireball.
While investigating site and burying body two bulletes attack and kill Oliver.
On the way back to Carpenden, the party is attacked by zombies of the goblins they killed.
The party goes back to Carpenden and gets Oliver raised.
They head out once Oliver is back.
They party stops by the farm house and find that the ogre is gone and that the obsidian circle has changed and is filled with necromantic magic. Which then changes to divination. Skeletal face with red glowing eyes in obsidian. Oliver cast Dispel on it and the circle implodes into a glass bead that Ariana picks up but in a spell pouch but then the marble disappears.
The party tails the ogre back to the road but losses the trail.
Missing marble on road goes from marble to eye to gone.
The party continues to Almas.
And the thief goes missing in a fog.



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