Andoran Campaign

A someone has been dragonnapped!

The party begins its journey to the castle of Queen Rhoswen. They try and stay off the road and out of sight as much as possible. The main road to the castle is fairly obvious. Xan reports back that from the air she can see several more campfires like the one they encountered at the gate to the Fellnight Realm. She can also see several other areas alight by either Faerie Fire or Dancing Globes or some other magical source. The party locates the Fellnight spriggan that got away from the first battle and easily defeat it.
As the party is getting closer to the castle, Xan spots a flattened out clearing on the road ahead. The party decides to circumnavigate the area. Xan goes out for a routine surveillance flight and does not come back. The party decides it needs to look for her and runs into its own issues with two pixies and an awakened bee swarm. After dealing with most of that issue the party witnesses an exchange between Braybittle and a satyr named Jaxer Tarm and several Fellnight spriggans. After a heated discussion, the satyr and Fellnight spriggans leave with a squirming sack.
The party falls back into the forest to discuss what they saw and are attack by the pixies that got away from the previous encounter. Once the pixie is dispatched, the party decides to parlay with Braybittle. The exchange with Braybittle goes rather well. He is very disillusioned with the way he has been treated by Rhoswen and has had enough of her. Although he will not accompany the party into the castle he does give them the location to a secret entrance, several gifts, and some information they can use. For his part, he will cause trouble outside of the castle to try and draw out even more of the guards that might be in the castle. He knows that Rhoswen is over confident with her plans and has sent most of her army out into the Material plane. The satyr they saw was Rhoswen’s torturer and confirms that they took Xan to the castle for interrogation. The torture chamber is on the lower level where the secret entrance comes in at. The secret entrance is where a stream pours forth from under the castle. Rhoswen grew the castle out of a single thistle so most of the walls inside and out of the castle at like a briar patch.
The party sets off across the plane in search of the stream and the secret entrance while Braybittle, his companion insect, and several more awakened bee swarms heads out the other way. The party finds the stream but curiously it actually flows into the castle by going uphill. They also discover that the only way to get near the castle quickly is to go by boat downstream uphill. The party manages to avoid a group of Fellnight spriggans and worgs also. The party locates the secret entrance and now just needs to get it open.

P.S. Never park behind Terry!



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