Andoran Campaign

A Finale and A Hate for all things invisible………………..

The party reaches the third and finally floor of the castle. They happen upon the treasure room first and plunder what is left after a thousand years of exile. The party discovers the upper balcony and the last of the Fellnight spriggan guards. The party dispatches them and moves on to a small door off the balcony. Beyond the door the party finds what seem to be guest rooms that have long been unused. Also off the balcony is a large set of double doors. Behind the double doors, they find and defeat Queen Rhoswen. Veed however is killed by being carried out a window by an air elemental. Ariana is also killed. The party uses the staff to seal the Faengard and force the recall of Rhoswen’s troops. They evacuate the building and the pocket realm. They are greeted by the unicorns that teleport them back to Bellis. There Veed and Ariana are restored to life. The party is heading back to the capital of Almas by way of Sauerton first.


Addendum from the journal of Oliverus Winje:

Well, somehow we actually managed to pull it off, but not without suffering a few losses along the way. The fey queen proved to be a far more devilish adversary than any combination of her minions, including the pixies. My pointy hat off to my fellow flighty fey friends – that natural invisibility is a very handy thing to have. (And for that exploit I have managed to add a new, more powerful invisibility spell to my book. Our party’s rogue will love this one… might have to charge her a fee for scrolls. Hehe!)

Despite grumblings from various folk saying we would never manage to actually kill the queen that is indeed what we managed to do. In the process, Arianna was poisoned and slain, and Veed hitched a ride out a very tall window with a large air elemental. They were moving at a pretty good clip when I lost sight of them, too. I’ll have to ask him how it all felt. Minus the final impact, of course. I’d rather not experience that one unless I have the proper protections in place first. (Perhaps a spell of possession of some kind? Nah…)

Anyway, because we managed to save the forest, and perhaps even eventually all surrounding kingdoms, as part of our reward our slain comrades were brought back from the dead. I picked up a couple of spells to help in detecting pesky invisible folk, just in case we have need of that kind of thing again. Oh! And I did manage to locate a new familiar to accompany me. Her name is Solesh, an Azata with some of the most beautiful wings and little effects about her as she flies about. The only downside is that after all of our negative encounters with fey of late, I have caught Pretern eyeing her very carefully, oftentimes with a mordant look. I will have to ensure that the two of them get along well soon, or I may have to find yet another familiar. If she comes to a bad end by a party member, would it be an evil act to transform the assailant into my next pet? Hmmm, I’ll have to consider that one a bit more.
Well, I’ve promised to help pack up the magical mirror so it won’t break in transport, so I had better get going. It’s a long, bumpy ride to the next town on our way to the capital city!


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