Andoran Campaign

2nd Floor, Pixies, Satyrs, and Shambling Mounds……….

The party starts exploring the second floor of the castle. The group comes upon an unusual ball going on in the main tower. All is not that it appears, the guests are not real but the usual suspects are, pixies. A battle ensues, no surprise there. The group retreats to the southeast tower to hold up and end up battling the last of the pixies there. The party rests up and continues on to find the kitchen. The group y fights one satyr while the satyr and Ariana disappear into the northwest tower for a little rendezvous. But the rendezvous was not meant to be, because the only relief the satyr gives Ariana is that of her heavy purse. Meanwhile back at the battle, the satyr there blinds several of the PCs and then attempts an escape. He is confronted by Oliverus. They fight and end up grappled to the point that Oliverus almost ends up going out a window. The party recovers and presses on to find a garden tended by a shambling mound. The shambling mound is not overly aggressive and so the party leaves it alone.



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